English born & bred mother of three girls aged 13, 11 and 8. Educated at the prestigious boarding school St Mary’s Ascot, Sacha holds a Master’s degree from Cambridge University in Modern Languages & Linguistics. Married to a Spanish architect & designer, she now lives back in the English countryside, after almost 14 years in Madrid.

After 6 years as Sales Director for an international online marketing company, Sacha’s career has been intimately connected with the world of children and education, starting with the launch of ninetoninekids, a furniture & design company for babies and children that sells their products worldwide.

In parallel, she set up English Country House Camps, which have evolved from a camp of just 10 girls to presently manage over 80 very happy children each summer.

The success of these camps, combined with her personal and professional experience with the British school system, language exchanges & multiple au pairs while a young girl, as well as her studies in Madrid during her teens, were the seeds with which she launched the educational consultancy with partner Maria Ascanio, ninetonineworld: connecting cultures, differently. With offices in the UK, Spain and China, ninetonineworld offers a variety of bespoke educational services, from school placement in the UK, residential camp programs & workshops throughout the year, to school exchanges and au pair search.

Founder: Sacha Bancroft Cooke


Vera’s camping career began as a camper when she was 8. Born & bred in Portugal, Vera spent her first summer off University working as a monitor at a residential summer camp in the US. By the end of the summer, she knew she wanted to devote her life to working in the summer camp industry.

Combining her degree in Psychology with her camp experience, Vera became the Iberian Office representative for the largest international summer camp recruitment agency, recruiting staff from Portugal and Spain to work in summer camps all over the US. However busy she was throughout the year, Vera always made sure she returned to America every summer to further her experience in every aspect of camp life. She spent a total of 8 summers working in 4 American camps. She then worked year round at a top ranked summer camp in New York where she devoted the entire year to the planning and organization of the summer. Vera is incredibly excited to be part of Country House Camp and to help bring the magic of residential summer camps to campers from all around the world.

Camp Director: Vera Pina


Adored by all, Wolfie lives at camp year-round with Sacha and their family. When he gets a break from being pampered by 8 years old girls, Wolfie enjoys the occasional town fair where he has won multiple prizes. He can’t wait to see everyone next summer!

Assistant Camp Director: Wolfie


Don’t let the napping fool you, our year-round chief security members keep our campers in line. Always concerned about food waste, Pepper runs a strict ‘no food left behind’ policy and will make sure that all meals are eaten. Preferably by her.

With their powerful bark and tail action, small but loveable Lottie and Ziggy are on a 24h watch to protect camp. From squirrels. Paid in belly rubs, these brave watch dogs keep the Country House family safe at all times 

Chief Security Members: Maggie, Lottie & Pepper