Nurturing, instructive, fun & quintessentially English

At Country House Camp we create an environment that is safe and fun for children to make friends from all over the world. We wish them challenge themselves, improve their English, learn new skills, and to become more independent, accepting and responsible.

Our philosophy and programming are rooted in the core values of Acceptance, Independence, Responsibility and Teamwork. We put these values into action through a healthy and fun program, with plenty of time outdoors.

In an increasingly fast-paced world, camp provides a nurturing, supportive environment in which children can ‘go back to the basics’ and focus on what is important.  We are TECH FREE – we want children looking at the world around them, not down at a screen!


Our campers come from all over the world. While numerous cultures are represented, the spoken language is English and the common thread among Country House campers is acceptance, tolerance and caring for people of all backgrounds.


For most children, camp is the first time they become fully independent of their families. They learn to take healthy risks, make decisions, and live on their own. The independence they learn at camp will help them succeed throughout their lives.


Our campers learn the value of their contributions. Whether it’s room clean or a team game, campers learn they have a role and that others depend on them to carry out that role to the best of their abilities.  We believe in good manners and setting a good example to others, and learning from mistakes!


Campers learn the importance of working as a team not only in class, or outdoors having fun, but in their bedrooms as well. Whether helping to clear up after lunch, putting together a project, or playing on the same side, campers learn how to share, get involved, and be respectful to others.