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Camper Reviews

From the children who attended camp in the Summer of 2017

At the end of each session, we conduct a survey where we ask children to reflect on their experience and rate Country House Camp on a series of different aspects, using the following scale: Terrible, Bad, Okay, Good and Great. In this anonymous questionnaire, children are also encouraged to tell us about their favourite and least favourite activities and share their ideas about what we can do to make camp even better! 

Although going to bed at midnight, having sweets for breakfast and ending all English lessons are categorically not in our plans (nice try, children!), a lot of their suggestions are being taken into consideration and Country House Camp will return next summer with an even bigger and better programme!  

In the meantime, we’ll leave you with some feedback that we compiled – we are pleased to confirm that we are growing in the right direction! 

Do you want to return next summer?

We can’t wait to have you all back next summer! Stay tuned for our Summer 2018 Dates and Returners discounts!

How were the Camp Leaders?

After this amazing summer, our Camp Leaders are busy finishing their studies and exploring the World! And though we’d love to have them with us forever, this is not always possible… HOWEVER… We are happy to announce that our top rated leaders will be coming back in 2018 for another fun filled summer! Our Camp is growing and so is our team so you will also see some new faces next summer! 

How were the English Classes?

If it was up to the children, we’d spend every single minute of the day running around and having adventures! However, we also want them to develop their English with the help of our professionally trained teachers and that is not possible without some English lessons…! Though we know our campers may be a littleeeee biased when answering this questions, we are also confident that we can do better! We don’t just want our lessons to be okay, we want them to be GREAT and we’ll be working hard at it this year!

How were the 3 day activity cycles?

We’re glad our 3 day activity cycles were a success! We will now continue to make this green grow! 

How were the electives?

We believe in the power of choice and next summer we will have even better and more activities for our campers to choose from on a daily basis!

How was the food?

At Country House Camp we put great emphasis on well prepared home made food with plenty of fruit and vegetables. Sweets are only given on special occasions… and we understand that these are not always very popular decisions amongst our campers! We will stand our ground on this one though we are committed to make this yellow and brown disappear! We are looking into different options for next year and will return with an updated menu and the help of professional cooking staff!

How were the rooms?

Country House Camp sits on 40 acres of grounds & woods with numerous installations, including a tennis court, heated swimming pool, football and golf, as well as a private wood, fields and more. The children are accommodated in the various rooms of the two main houses in the property.