A combination of structured activities and choices

At Country House Camp we ensure that every camper will engage in activities that are new, challenging and that require the use of new vocabulary every day.

We strongly believe that a combination of structured activities and choice provides the optimal growth experience. To ensure that all campers experience the full breadth of opportunities available, campers are assigned to the morning activity period. This will mean that they will all take part in Art & Craft, Drama & Dance, and Sport & Adveture in the mornings. 

However, to allow campers to grow and specialise in the areas they are most interested in, campers choose whatever activity they wish to take, in the afternoon period.

In addition, we always have at least one or two external workshops during each camp, in which we invite professionals to come to give the girls special sessions on anything from circus skills or african drumming, to bushcraft, graffiti or screenprinting!  Every year is different!

We also have a charity link with Over the Wall, a wonderful charity that helps children with serious illnesses and their families have the rare opportunity to enjoy some therapeutic recreation in specialised residential camps.  In addition, we work closely with a volunteering business called Inspire, with whom we run volunteering projects in Africa.  Inspire will come to give the girls workshops every other year in CHC, to learn about teambuilding, and how we can help those less fortunate in Africa.


The following activities require and additional fee and you must sign up your child in advance. They are subject to having a minimum of at least 4 girls in order to run:


Riding lessons are taught at Larkspur Equestrian Centre by their excellent professionals. With over 20 years of experience, the Equestrian Centre has over 20 horses available and a fantastic team of staff. The lessons for our campers consist of three 1.45h group sessions catered to your child’s riding level. We accept all riding levels – including children who have never riden before. Max 8 children per session.


Golf lessons are taught at Oak Park Golf Club by their professionals. With a superb 27-hole golf course, driving range and practice area, they have the facilities to develop your child’s game, whatever his / her ability. These group lessons for our campers consist of three 2h sessions catered to your child’s golf ability. We accept all levels – including children who have never played before. 


Semi Private tennis lessons are taught in our tennis courts by a certified tennis coach. Unlike golf or riding, all children will have access to the tennis courts and are welcome to play tennis under the guidance of our Camp Leaders. This tennis add on is for children who wish to take semi private lessons with a tennis professional, in a group of 4-5 students max.The tennis lessons consist of four 1.15 hour sessions catered to your child’s ability. We accept all levels – including children who have never played before. 

Golf (3 x 2hr classes)£145/ session
Extra Tennis coaching (4 x 1.15hr classes)£130/ session
Horseriding (3 x 1.45hr classes)

£195/ session

Art & Craft

From collage & mask making, blindfold painting or trying out some Pollock style masterpiece, to wire sculptures or wicker weaving, fimo pottery, jewellery design and book making, we keep children’s hands busy and let their creativity run wild! 


Football, tennis, swimming and netball, or quintessentially English games like cricket, rounders and croquet, not forgetting badminton, volleyball or waterpolo, as well as our famous pancake race and all camp treasure hunt: there is something for all!

Performing Arts

Children will be able to sign up for musicals, dance and theatre sessions, African drumming, telent shows, workshops and for the chance to join ‘rock star’ workshops in our recording studio.


In our cooking lessons, children will learn how to make all sorts of recipes, from main dishes to soups and desserts. It is one of our most popular classes!


Only for the bravest of the bravest, our adventure sessions could mean anything from raft building to shelter making, treasure hunts, campfires, orientering, and much more!

Extra Activities

Golf, riding, tennis and private English lessons are available are added extras to choose from if desired.

Games & Fun

Treasure hunts, camp songs, bonfires in the woods, picnics, talent shows, bucket skits and cinema nights are only a few of our many evening activities that gather the whole camp for lots of fun!

Leisure Time

Despite our busy schedule, there will be plenty of time to rest and recharge batteries! During rest hour you will often find our campers playing outside on the swings, reading a book from our English reading collection, making friendship bracelets, writing their daily English diaries or simply spending time with their friends.

Black Tie Gala

A cornerstone of our Country House Camp: the quintessentially English grand finale, where children dress up in Black Tie, ready to wow the audience with their English skills, dancing, singing and showmanship. Cocktails, canapés and carriages at dawn ensues!