Practical, fun and engaging scheduled activities and electives

At Country House Camp we offer a combination of scheduled activities and electives to encourage our campers to learn new skills as well as to improve old ones. We help our campers bond over common interests and share their skills as much as we encourage them to step out of their comfort zone and try new things.

On a similar note, at meal times we make a particular point of helping the children try new foods as we believe it is an essential part of living a new culture and growing up. However, we also know exactly what children love to eat and provide them with the comfort of familiar tastes.

Our English sessions are practical, fun and engaging. We believe that being eager to take part in activities led in English combined with the desire to form friendships with children who speak a different language, are the two main drives for children to learn to develop their English! In our English sessions we give them the tools to do just that, by solidifying the English knowledge gained at school throughout the year using a hands on approach that they can put into practice immediately while at camp.

We have high expectations for your child! We ask our campers to make their own beds, tidy all their things, and help to clear their own plates, as well as tidy up communal areas at the end of the day. We also have a rota system where children take turns to hoover their bedrooms & bathrooms at least once during the stay.

These are a few of the ways we encourage them to become more independent, responsible, and better team players, and we do it without ever loosing fun out of sight. At camp there are a lot of games and prizes; contributing to our camp community is a fun rewarding experience!

Througout the summer there will be several moments of reflexion, either to debrief activities or to give campers and staff the chance to share experiences that everyone could benefit from. These are not just opportunities for children to work on their English but also to work on themselves and grow as people. There will also be lots of opportunities to be silly and goofy and simply have a great time in a carefree environment!

Country House Camp is  technology free. Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, Ipods, etc are not allowed. We want children to be able to disconnect form the ‘electronic world’ so they can have the opportunity to discover an alternate world of nature, sports, arts, and adventure.

We run small sessions to ensure that our campers get unparalleled attention and a truly unique experience of English life, language and culture. Managing small groups of children allows us to really get to know each child individually and maintain the necessary flexibility to adjust the program to the particular group of campers that we have each session. Our staff to camper ratios is 1-6 and our directors work directly with children and staff alike. We are home away from home.