SENIOR GIRLS (Year 7 - Year 9)

Senior Girls programme: community, challenge, independence, privilege!

We understand that our older girls (12 – 14 years, Year 7 equivalent upwards) need more independence, and one or two more challenges, as well as some added privileges that come with age! Instead of our traditional morning English classes, our older girls participate in leadership and debate workshops, that focus on subjects such as the environment, social work and other world matters. We will help them prepare projects, practise public speaking, to start engaging with these important themes in different – and FUN – ways.  

They also have their own charity project, normally, a Bake Sale in a local town. Then, the Senior Girls trip to London has a little bit more shopping and grown up stuff, before they join the rest of camp for the summer’s musical! However, with great power comes great responsibility! We will expect our Senior Girls to help with the youngest campers and take a more active role in our camp community. Every now and again, they will be in charge of organising one of camp’s events and to help us make the little ones feel at home. It’s all about getting ready to be that much more independent!