Over 20 hours English sessions taught by TEFL certified teachers

We say to the girls: the best way to make friends here, is to practice your English! 

In our English sessions we give them the tools to do just that, by solidifying the English knowledge gained at school throughout the year using an hands-on approach that they can put into practice immediately while at camp. The sessions are practical, fun and engaging at all levels: for fluent and native speakers, they are challenging, often theatre, music or debate-led, often ending in lively discussion.  For those still learning, make sure there is a good mix of project work and practical work, and that all have a chance to get involved.

We run two English sessions every day, except for when we go on excursions: one in the morning and one in the afternoon. These sessions are immediately followed by activities, always taken in English – great for practice! 

All our English teachers are all TEFL / TESOL certified and all our monitors are English native speakers.

The children will have had a total of 22h of English sessions by the end of their stay.