Great role models that love working with children

At Country House Camp we take pride in the the quality of our staff. All staff are personally interviewed, have their references checked and undergo full background checks.

We always keep a ratio of at least one member of staff per 6 children, or less – and most often, there are many more. All go through a thorough training & First Aid program, and many times come back to work year on year.

As a mother, Sacha is onsite as much as possible and very much involved in all areas of the activities and goings on – particularly, to help with any moments where a loving ear is needed, and mummy feels a bit far away.

We understand what it takes to be a Camp Leader

We know how to create a rich, rewarding summer experience. When hiring staff we look for great role models that show an enthusiasm for working with children in a warm, caring environment. We look for individuals with that special ‘camp personality’. Though we have high expectations for our staff we also understand how demanding their job is for what we make sure our staff have well deserved breaks to recharge batteries.

Your child’s wellbeing is of the utmost importance to us

We value the work that our staff does every summer immensely and we want to make sure that we give our staff the tools and strategies to be successful at their job. We run a one week intensive training before campers arrive which includes classes that address motivation, safety, ages and stages of child behaviour, homesickness as well as a variety of teaching techniques and hours of role-playing and practice.

When swimming the children are supervised by a a minumum of 2 adults, trained in first aid, at all times. 

All staff receive first aid / CPR training.

We keep a ratio of 1-6 campers or under.

Our English teachers are TEFL / TESOL certified with proven experience in English teaching.

2024 Staff coming soon - examples of previous staff here to give you all an idea!


Hello everyone! I due to start my training in September to become a secondary school Science teacher and have just returned from teaching English in Spain for 2 years. I love football, hiking and tennis. Can’t wait to meet you all this summer!


Hello everyone!  I’m Charlee, some of you know me from 2 years ago, but I am currently studying to be a teacher, so can’t wait to practice my new skills at CHC!  As you will remember, I love everything to do with drama, acting, English and having FUN!


Hello everybody! My name’s Freddie. I’m from south England and currently living in Spain as a teacher. Although I used to be a biologist I’m currently living the dream: playing games at school, learning Spanish and dancing all week! I know we’re all going to have the best time!


Hi everyone! My name Rebekah and I am from Cape Town. I am currently studying psychology at St Mary’s University in Twickenham. I am a sports enthusiast, who loves anything to do with the outdoors. I cannot wait to be apart of the team and create many memories over the summer! 


Helloo, my name is Rosie from Norfolk, currently studying Fine Art and Kingston University! I love art obviously! as well cooking, sports, reading, travelling which I hope do lots more of. I have lots of experience working with children as a nanny, aupair, camp leader and an assistant teacher. My energetic and lively personality is super excited to get stuck into camp over the summer. 


Hi everyone! My name is Constanza and I’m from Spain. I am currently in my gap year traveling around Europe. I love reading, cooking (trying to improve this skill) and travelling. I’m thrilled to be joining the Country House Camp squad and I’m looking forward to playing, singing and dancing along with all of you!


Hello! My name is Georgie and I am from East Yorkshire. I’m currently studying Education, English and Drama at Cambridge University. I have been involved in a whole range of theatre during my first year at Cambridge, from singing in Operas, acting in plays and directing my own shows. Aside from theatre, I love singing and playing guitar as well as writing my own poetry and songs, performing whenever and wherever I can. I can’t wait to get creative with you all this Summer and see what amazing Theatre and Music we can make together!