We welcome girls 8-14 from all nationalities, of all language abilities, including children who are fluent in English

Country House Camp offers an exclusive, protected & nurturing environment with a great number of activities on offer. It is home away from home. All activities take place in English, but there are also leaders with a fair knowledge of other languages on site (Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese amongst others). The is the ideal set for children going away from home for the first time, or simply wanting to improve their English in a family style environment with a small -to medium group of international children the same age.

We are open to children from all nationalities aged 8 – 14. We can be a little flexible with our age limits, particularly with siblings, but please bear in mind the following:

All children must be able to swim, at a reasonable level. The swimming pool is fully fenced off, and any swimming will be supervised by at a lifeguard at all times. Nevertheless, we require our campers to have fundamental water skills equivalent to the Red Cross Level 2, namely, the ability to:

  • Submerge and hold breath
  • Recover from a front and back float or glide to a vertical position
  • Tread water using arm and leg actions
  • Enter water by jumping

Children will be expected to dress & undress themselves, as well as bathing themselves – although plenty of help will always be on hand.

Children will be expected to make their own beds, tidy all their things, and help to clear their own plates, as well as tidy up communal areas at the end of the day. We also have a rota system where children take turns to hoover their bedrooms & bathrooms at least once during the stay. Independence, responsibility and teamwork are a core part of our programme!

We provide 3 ample meals per day and place great emphasis on well prepared, home made food, with plenty of fruit and vegetables. Children will be ‘gently’ encouraged to eat all their fruit and vegetables. All meals are served family style and our staff is trained to monitor camper diets, making sure that campers eat sufficiently and that meals are well balanced.

There are dogs on our sites, as well as other animals. There are also plenty of dogs nearby: please make sure your children are aware of this, and know that they will have to be comfortable with some contact with dogs.

Residential campers

We welcome a maximum of 40 girls per session.

Day Campers

We accept a limited number of non-residential day campers – from 5 – 8 children per session.

Children who are fluent in English 

We welcome children of all language abilities, including children who are fluent in English. English native speakers are not required to take English lessons and may join the activities on offer instead, during both English lesson periods.