Other summer camp experiences in the UK

Got a brother? Too old for CHC?  We can help to find you a brilliant other camp in the UK!

Ever considered a boarding school experience in the UK?

Perfect your English in no time!

Unforgettable volunteering in Africa

Test yourself and join our very own volunteering trip to Malawi or Morocco!

We love CHC, but there is so much more to try!

Country House Camp is part of an educational consultancy, ninetonineworld, through which it can offer you all sorts of other experiences, from other summer camps in the UK, to boarding school experiences, and even our very own volunteer program! Get in touch so we can send your details on to ninetonineworld!

UK summer camps other than CHC

We all love CHC but there are other camps you can try, which cater for all ages and interests – from robotics and art, to riding and golf!  Let us know what you are interested in and we will find something to fit the bill! Contact us at for more info!

Boarding school experience in the UK

There’s just nothing quite like it for perfecting your English, but also, to live a world renowned, and truly different educational experience.  See for more information about this fabulous opportunity.

Volunteer programs

Surely something everyone should try out at least once, these programs to help different charities in Africa are truly life changing. See for more information!

Family stays in the UK

How about coming over as a family?  ninetonineworld can also help you with that – get in contact for more info! See for more information!

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